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Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms
Posted on: 2020-03-07 Edited on: 2020-05-08 In: 诗歌 Views: 



From tomorrow on ,I will be a happy man .

Grooming,chopping and traveling all over the world .

From tomorrow on ,I will care foodstuff and vegetable.

Living in a house toward the sea ,with Spring blossoms.

From tomorrow on ,write to each of my dear ones .

Telling them of my happiness .

What the lightening of happiness has told me .

I Will spread it to each of the them .

Given a warm name

for every river and erery mountain,

Strangers ,I will also wish you happy .

May you have a brilliant futurel.

May you lovers eventually becomes spouses!

May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world !

I only wish to face the sea ,with Spring blossoms.

--- 本文结束 The End ---